Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Owen is Crawling! (play once to let it load-it will be choppy-then replay for smoother viewing)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Meet Hank and Amanda!

Since Roby and I have been spending a lot of time with our new(est) friends Hank and Amanda, I figured we should introduce them to you all! Hank works with Roby, and Amanda is his fiance (they got engaged on April Fools Day, and, yes, she really did think he was joking! :) We enjoy our time together immensely, and Owen adores them as they adore him. They also have somehow miraculously convinced us to participate in a 3-day benefit walk for a breast cancer cure next November in San Diego, which entails walking a total of 60 miles! yikes! We figured the perks are: supporting an amazingly worthy cause, further developing our friendship with Hank and Amanda, introducing Owen to the great outdoors (we will be walking/hiking a lot for training) and, hopefully, getting in shape! I know what you are thinking...Heather? Roby? 60 miles? really? Yeah. We feel that way too. Let's just hope we can pull it off!

Spring has Sprung

Owen played outdoors for the first time 2 weeks ago. After the heat of the day died down, I plopped him on a mat in the middle of our front yard. Besides being very tempted to ingest grass, he had a blast and looked oh so adorable in his new sun hat! (Although I am, of course, protecting his baby skin from the sun, I am already jealous of his beautiful naturally tan skin. I am *so thankful* that he will never have to endure the crazy sunburns of my youth!)

Owen on the move

Owen has been keeping us on our toes with his attempts to become more and more mobile and independent. Often it is hard to decipher his various poses. Sometimes he is a breakdancer (his crawl resembles the worm), sometimes he is a tumbler, and other times a yogi...i still don't quite know how to classify the way he sleeps with his tush in the air. :) And this past Thursday he sat up for the first time! I'm not sure why he is such a mover and a shaker...but I think I should take the hint and get the house baby-proofed immediately!