Sunday, September 30, 2007

Owen, Owen, has does your garden grow?

Above, the beginnings of Owen's little wildflower garden by the front porch in May.
Below: Full-grown sunflowers in August.

We appreciated all the hard work Pappa did in our backyard. He removed overgrown brush, vines, and poison ivy that take over behind our landscaping.

After a dip in his pool, O decided he would rather garden.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Chat-town friends

Owen had fun this summer with his little friends, whether chilling out in someone's backyard, splashing around the pools outside of the aquarium, or playing at the mall playground and local parks. I always look forward to playdates with Stephanie and Alyson, the moms of Isaac and Caleb-who you might recall from previous posts. (They keep me sane!) We all met through a mother's connection group at the hospital where we had the boys. Since then, we've added Aimee and her adorable one-year-old daughter Meredith to our little group. It's cute to see how the boys interact with Meredith, and how she tries to keep up with them....and she is doing a pretty good job of it too!

The boys are SO going to be wrapped around her finger!

Trying to get a picture of three squirmy nearly two year olds is always a fun challenge!

Partners in crime, can you tell? :)

Yes, O is wearing a mitten in 90 degree weather, don't ask. On this particular day, Caleb and Owen were enjoying running up to the outside of the living room windows, making strange semi-spitting noises with their mouths, giggling profusely at themselves and then repeating. One word for ya = BOYS!