Thursday, January 26, 2006

O's First Mohawk

Monday, January 23, 2006

A Visit From the Great-Grandparents

Every Winter my Meme and Poppy trek from Pennsylvania to Florida in their Winnebago to visit several of their daughters. On Sunday they stopped in Chattanooga to spend some time with us. We enjoyed watching Owen getting acquainted with his great-grandparents! Thanks for stopping by Meme and Poppy, it was wonderful to see you again!

*Together Again*

Roby has finally returned from a nearly 2-week-long business trip to the Great White North. Let's just say it felt like he was gone for much longer! This marked the first time Owen and I were all by our lonesome for an extended period of time. Just as luck would have it, Owen decided to stop sleeping through the night the very night Roby left. He cried more than usual throughout the days and just didn't seem himself...prompting me to take him to the pediatrician, who pronounced him healthy. It was as if Roby's departure had unbalanced his little world. While Owen's crying jags unnerved me at times and the lack of sleep thoroughly exhausted me, I survived. Weary, yet brimming with anticipation, I drove to the airport and waited for Roby as he contended with lost baggage. Wayworn Roby beamed at the sight of his peacefully sleeping son in the backseat. Since Roby's return,Owen has been getting back to his regular routine, namely sleeping for 4 hours at a time again! I am convinced that Owen, aware of his father's absence, truly missed his Daddy!


Owen will grow into his hat someday!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Small victories

Mothers out there, you may want to join me in a small victory dance...Owen slept for FIVE hours straight last night in his pack-n-play bassinet deal! And four hours the two previous nights. Oh how sleep has eluded me these past 3 months...I actually feel rested today! Yay for Owen. I know this isn't by any means a habit or routine yet, but one can hope!

We have hit some other milestones as well. Imagine my surprise, and utter delight, when at 2 in the morning on December 26th Owen *laughed* on his changing table. Apparently he finds shirts being pulled over his head supremely funny! He has laughed several more times, but only when being changed. Let's see, he now weighs a whopping 12+ pounds, kicks like crazy, holds his head up for long periods of time and loves to eat his hands (forget about sucking thumbs, this boy is all about his fists!) He also is very verbal, with each squeel and coo getting louder and more frequent. I haven't been able to decipher Owenese yet, except we know when he is frustrated he utters Ghee! (I doubt it has anything to do with clarified butter from India :)