Thursday, August 31, 2006

One of my fave places to take pics, the brick wall downtown across from the BBQ joint

The girlies and wiggly Owen

O gets a lift from Charley Uncle

Owen actin' shy for the camera with Julie Auntie

O meets a horse for the first time

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Shibu & Brenda
A sweet smile to match Brenda Auntie's
I love my Shibu's Uncle's forehead!
Charley & Shib were pros at getting O to drift off into dreamland

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Jimmy & Julia's wedding in Florida

We took a roadtrip with Bindu to Tampa for Jimmy and Julia's wedding. (Jimmy Smurf, as he is affectionately referred to, and Roby have known each other since kindergarten.) It was an interesting 7-hour drive with antsy Owen in the back. We stopped more than we normally would have, but it all went pretty smoothly. The only meltdowns O had were when we were close to our destinations, which is when we resorted to letting him attempt to destroy Roby's cell phone. We spent one night in Tampa and enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local restaurant overlooking the water. Filet Mignon with gorgonzola cheese anyone?

The wedding, held in a beautiful church, was lovely, and the bride and groom radiant. The reception was also quite an awesome event. We chatted with our table mates, while watching the slideshow Jimmy made and Julia's cousins performing Indian dances. Roby and Bindu enjoyed seeing some philly friends from back in the day.

After the reception, we headed to Orlando to visit Judy, my friend and former co-worker at The JESUS Film Project (and also Shannon's mother). We had fun talking into the night and hanging out in the morning before we had to take off. It definitely was too short of a visit, but we welcomed the opportunity to see her while we were nearby. I was happy that Judes got to meet Owen while he is still a wee she had some good practice with Owen as she eagerly awaits becoming a first-time grandmother in a few short months! (Her daughter Suzanne is preggo!)

Now that we know it is possible, we will have to make another trip to Orlando when Owen is a little bit older. Disney World is within his reach!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Our third annual 4th of July get-together

Forgive me for being so behind with blogging these days. Thankfully we have been quite busy these past two months with friends and family visiting and trips. Hopefully within the next couple of days I'll find the time to flood the blog with pictures!

I'll begin with our trip to Houston for our third annual 4th of July get-together. The tradition took root at Bindu and Mason's Hotlanta apartment in 2004, then grew at our place in ChattaVegas last year (yes, people here really do call it that.) This year, friends and cousins from Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Dallas converged on H-town for a week of festivities at Tobi and Joyce's abode.

Every year there are certain activities that must take place for it to be a true July 4th affair...a Madden tournament for the boys, an outing to see a super-hero movie, a baseball game, karaoke, a BBQ, card playing, a birthday celebration for Roby, Abbey, Joyce (and now Kate!), and a nice dinner out on the town! Sprinkled among these activities this year were: eating, sparklers, shopping, girly pedicures, manly gun-shooting, scary movies, swimming, and did i mention eating?

It was wonderful chillin' with all the usual suspects, plus a few new recruits! We always look forward to the next gathering soon after returning from our trip! Owen had a wonderful time and loved the attention poured on him by everyone. Can't wait for next year. Now we just have to figure out where it's going to take place. Reno
, Steve?

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The whole crew
Our awesome hosts (& cousins) Tobi & Joyce
The birthday celebrants
The guys at the Astros game

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Mama Dency and Rahel (plus le bebe in le belly)

Rahel and her daddy being silly

Joyce & Shan strike a pose...Vogue

No innocent creatures were hurt during the making of this memory

Our other cousins Bin & Mason

The girls at the baseball game (well, there is a boy there too :)

Abbey gracing us with his entertaining cooking

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One of the 1,000 we took in the quest for the perfect pic of us
Eric & Kate, our new Houston friends!

Jimmy & Julia drove up to visit us all amidst busy wedding planning

Owen getting tips on how to pick up the ladies from Binoy Uncle

Owie's first baseball game
Tiji, Nancy & Ashley (and baby Austin weeks before being born)

The Stutlers saying, "See ya next year in Reno!"

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