Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our Labor Day Trip to VA

During Labor Day weekend, Roby, Owen & I met up with our friends Mo & Alisa half-way between our homes in historic Abingdon, VA.

The Felicianos are friends from California who we had not seen since we all moved Eastward. Not only were we excited for the chance to visit with them, but we couldn't wait to meet their two-year-old Isaac too! It was so cute watching the boys interact with each other, and adorable to hear Isaac's echo of "Owie! Owie! Owie!" through the house.

We stayed at a charming cottage right by the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail, a former railroad bed meandering though Southwest Virginia.
On Saturday we rented bikes and a baby trailer, which Mo hauled behind him. The boys loved the ride, and Owen even fell asleep! Isaac would tell his Daddy to go faster, while Owen snuggled up to Isaac. After riding a couple of miles, we ate a picnic lunch along the trail.

Nights were spent cooking yummy food and catching up around the kitchen table as the boys slept. We also played a dice game called Scootch, which is thoroughly fun and addictive! On Monday after checking out, we made our way to White's Mill,
a 150-year-old flour and grist mill powered by water. One of Virginia's historic landmarks, the mill is currently being restored. The boys had fun exploring the mill, and Owen loved the wagon wheel upstairs. We took some pictures on the grounds, which I think turned out lovely. After filling up our bellies at the local Cracker Barrel, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

We had a wonderful time reconnecting with Alisa and Mo, and finally meeting Isaac. We look forward to next Labor Day, when we hopefully will meet up in Ashville, North Carolina to start a little tradition!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Jason's Visit

After taking his Bar exam, my brother Jason came down to help Roby lay a patio out back and spend some quality time with his nephew. I was unsure of how fun his vacation would be with working the majority of the time...but after being inside studying all the time, he said he welcomed the chance to get his hands dirty. For a week straight he worked hard during the day and Roby went in to work early so he could come home early to help. They finished all but the edging the day before Jason left. (The past 2 saturdays Roby rented a paver saw and cut the edge pieces to fit.) We have enjoyed taking on these little home improvement projects...especially when we do things we know nothing about. Ah the wonders of how-to books!

Thanks for all of your help Jason...we really appreciate it! The patio looks great and we are eager to get the surrounding landscaping done to finish it off. Soon we will be lounging out there on outdoor furniture!

Also, I have an exciting announcement-Jason and Melinda got engaged during a cruise to the Bahamas the week before he visited us! Congrats you two. We are so happy for both of you and look forward to Melinda being a part of our family!

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Step 1: Excavate the area
2: Lay down landscape fabric
3: Lay down paver base and paver sand & screed (level)
Owen inspecting the pavers thoroughly


4: Pound the pavers in evenly with a mallet

Almost done!
Roby and Jason stand in front of their accomplishment.

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Little Buddies

Here are the latest pics of Owen with his little buddies Caleb & Isaac. Alyson, Stephanie and I continue to meet weekly and are amazed at how quickly the boys are growing....soon they will all be 1!

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Philly Friends

We get so excited when friends from the East grace us with their present here in the South! Philly friends Julie & Charley and Shibu & Brenda visited us for a weekend. We had fun chillin' out, battling it out with family feud, eating Julie's yummers "cowboy" cookies, watching CNN news broadcasts :), & going downtown. We girls found it especially cute when Charley and Shibu took turns putting Owen down for his naps (they were pros & even used the John Tesh baby music :) Charley needed the practice, as his little girl is going to be born in a few short weeks! As usual, Owen enjoyed everyone and soaked up all their attention. Can't wait to see you guys in October for Ab's engagement party. Who knows, maybe we will be around for Jaelyn's debut!

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