Tuesday, February 03, 2009

6 months

Olly-pop has hit the half-year mark! Our little 15-pounder is still a baby on the move! This past month, she continued practicing her newfound mobility and just yesterday crawled without flopping forward! She went from learning to sit up while leaning on one arm to completely sitting up unassisted. Olive also likes to pull herself up on things to stand, which is a bit precarious at this point since she soon comes tumbling down. She has also started to climb on us everytime we hold her. Her other interests include: sucking on her Sophie the giraffe toy (thanks Libby!), chewing on any type of paper product she can get her hands on, laughing at her brother's antics, sucking on her tongue, making utterances that sound like a seal, playing with O's toys while completely ignoring hers (she is forever crawling toward a matchbox, superman or dinosaur...i think we have a tomboy on our hands!) It will be interesting to see what this next month holds...solid food, here we come! Let's hope she isn't as picky as Owen! ;)

On the move

Olive with Owen's T-rex


At 9:23 PM , Blogger Steve, Shan & Jacob said...

Love these new pics! O is so beautiful, seriously. And I do see a resemblance to my friend Abby's baby. crazy. J weighs 15 10. She is catching up! ;) Can't wait to meet her!


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