Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting knitty with it

This winter my Mom asked me if I would knit a scarf for her friend like the one I made her several years ago. I had not touched knitting needles since we moved from California, so I picked up my trusty, worn copy of Stitch and Bitch and taught myself how to cast on and knit again-the basics if you want to make a scarf. I forgot how much I liked the soothing motions of knitting and the act of turning plain balls of yarn into something usable/wearable and unique-so I decided I wanted to learn the art of it, as broadly as possible...and kinda just dove in. Next I learned how to purl, and then how to use knit and purl stitches to form stitch patterns, such as the seed stitch. Armed with that knowledge, I began knitting a baby blanket with a seed stitch border for our cousin Joyce who is due in June. Ecstatic about my accomplishment, I decided it begged for a cute little matching hat. So then I taught myself how to knit in the round on circular needles and with double point needles, which in pictures looks more complicated than it is.

Anatomy of a hat

For the past few months I have been knitting hats from a book of patterns for gifts, and I'm loving it-especially the challenge of mastering a new stitch pattern or technique (today I am working with eyelets and ribbons). I have already had two sales from friends who liked my hats, which is tremendously exciting. I think stitch work is an art form, and to have people appreciate your work (and even enough to want to buy/wear it), it's an honor. I would love to have my own little hat knitting business, but I would need to create my own patterns, so that would take some time. I'm thinking about sending out an e-mail to my girl friends in a few months to take orders for hats to knit up for Christmas gifts if anyone is interested in a little noggin' warmer for their children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, friends' children, etc. We shall see. I have been mainly knitting with wool because I love the vibrant hues of a certain yarn I bought for a steal at a local yarn shop that was going out of business...but I am going to try to invest in some fun cottons and washable wools as well. The possibilities are endless my friends.

My first attempt at a fairisle design, although the hat is WAY too small for Owie,

so I will save it for our next child :)

Anyways, since knitting is my new favorite thing (read obsession), I figured it was worth an entry with some pics. I won't upload the photo of Joyce's baby blanket because I am going to give it to her next weekend when Owen and I visit Houston for her baby shower, and I don't want to spoil the surprise! Let me know what you think of my hats, y'all.


Spring is on its way

A random barn stands unused next to the park by our house. I swear we don't live in the country (even though city mouse Roby thinks we do :) Now that it is getting warmer, we have been going outside and to the park more often. On this particular day, we were joined by Owen's buddy Caleb and his Mom Alyson.
On the slide
Playing near our front porch steps

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Owen's first real snow

When Owen was 2 months old, we had a dusting of snow and took his picture during the 20-minute span before it melted. Winters here are cold like Philly, but we rarely get snow, and blizzards and feet of snow are unheard of. We were excited one morning to see that it had snowed over night and quickly bundled Owen up in 4 layers...he could hardly walk. He even obliged me by wearing the scarf I knit for him! He had fun experiencing the crunch of snow beneath his little feet and checking out the footprints he left behind. After a bit of exploring, Roby took O for a wagon ride around the neighborhood so his feet wouldn't get wet.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

A Chattanooga Christmas

We were spoiled this year with guests for the holidays, including my Mom's visit for Christmas! She came with suitcases overflowing with gifts for her only grandson, of course. It was wonderful spending time with her and watching her bond with Owie.

O & mama in our matching sock monkey pajamas on Christmas morning
O, highly frustrated with wrapping paper, anxiously whined for us to unwrap his gifts for him, including his Nemo that is almost as big as he is!
A very Elmo Christmas for Owie
Here he is all Elmoed out sitting in his Elmo chair, wearing his Elmo outfit and Elmo slippers, reading an Elmo book with his baby Elmo doll, while most likely watching one of his Elmo dvds!
How cool is this Radio Flyer Wagon Uncle Jason and Aunt Melinda sent me?!
Roby was absolutely giddy over his present from Mom, an Eagles grill cover!
Gotta represent in Titans territory!

Modeling Nana's scarf
O loves when Nana reads to him.
I truly believe I became a lit. major and writer because of the endless books my Mom read to me throughout my childhood...and we hope to pass this love for the written word on to Owen.
It was fairly disturbing to witness the amount of gingerbread men
made headless at the hands of Owen this Christmas
Ahhh, the magic of the holidays
Owen preferred feeding his Dada during Christmas dinner instead of himself

Bye Bye Nana, I miss you!

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For Thanksgiving, our friends Abbey and Div and cousin Binoy came down from Philly and cousin Bindu drove up from Atlanta. We were so thankful to spend the holiday with close friends and family, and O enjoyed all their attention and affection!

Ab & Div at the Mellow Mushroom
Coolidge Park

Bridge downtown overlooking the Tennessee River

Bin & Div

Preparing for fatherhood in the future, perhaps?

(Ab is getting married in May!)

I love my Bindu Auntie!

Div Uncle reading to the o-man

The quesadilla snatcher!

(Who knew O liked quesadillas until he stole them from the coffee table and ran around the house eating them ;)

The cousins

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