Monday, May 08, 2006

The Big 3-0!

Although it was a bit difficult celebrating a milestone birthday without our friends and family around, as well as dealing with the whole turning 30 thing, I had a lovely birthday! Amanda came over Saturday and watched Owen while Roby treated me to a surprise massage at a downtown spa, and took me to a Japanese restaurant. (I have started to crave sushi, although I still only like the cooked stuff :) We were a bit apprehensive about leaving Owen, since this is the first time anyone has watched him for us...but we knew he was in perfectly capable hands with Amanda. It was SO nice to have a date again after 6 months without one!

Yesterday morning my thoughtful husband presented me with a bunch of awesome gifts...I felt like a kid again! We took Owen to the Bluff View art district, where Roby and I ate banana and nutella crepes at the Back Inn Cafe (one word = yum). Then we held a fun little photo shoot outside the restaurant, turning Owen and I into momentary birthday angels! Next we stopped by the local Farmer's Market. In the evening, Stephanie watched Owen for us while we went to the Mellow Mushroom for mimosas and pizza and then on to the Bijou to watch Mission Impossible III. (I must say it was rather good...and I realized I like the characters Tom Cruise portrays more than I do him :) We capped off the evening with a lovely time hanging out with Stephanie and Michael at their house while the boys played.
We had a wonderfully jam-packed weekend filled with special memories. Thank you Roby for taking so much care to plan so many surprises and make me feel like a queen...and thank you Amanda and Stephanie for aiding and abetting our fun times! You are lifesavers (lime-flavored). We couldn't have done it without you guys, and we are so thankful! We are glad that Owen enjoyed his time with each of you and didn't give you a hard time! Now it is back to the real world, no longer as a twenty-something...crazy!

Owen's new buddy!

Several months ago, I began attending a new mothers' connection group at the hospital where Owen was born. There I met Stephanie and her little boy Isaac, who is just a few weeks younger than Owie. We have been hanging out every Wednesday, switching between our houses. It has been great getting to know Stephanie, as we have found we hold similar interests...and we both agree it is nice to have adult conversations again! It also has been wonderful for the boys to be around each other, since they were only familiar with their pets and not other babies. It is so cute to watch them interact, especially when they touch each other's faces...although it is hard to explain to Owen to be gentle and not poke Isaac in the eye :) Here are a few pics of the boys chillin' together. I'm so excited for Owen to have his first friend!