Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sorry for the lag in entries. It is annoying me how far behind I am falling. Our computer that holds all of our photos was infected with a virus, so we had to wipe the hard drive clean. Though we thought we had all the pictures backed up on disks, it seems like only the first three months of Owen's pics were saved. Thankfully, we have the best pictures saved on our site. So now all the pictures I uploaded from our Philly trip home for Jason and Melinda's wedding are gone, and I need to save them from ofoto before i can post them on the blog. Soooo, that said, it's going to be a process.
I will send out an e-mail letting faithful readers know when I massively update the blog with: our Philly trip, Thanksgiving in Chattanooga with Tobi, Joyce, baby Luke and Binoy, our Bingo girls Christmas party, Christmas with my Mom, and, of course, an Owen update! Thanks for checking in every once in awhile. (I still am not convinced that more than 4 people read this blog to you four, thanks :)