Sunday, April 09, 2006

Meet Hank and Amanda!

Since Roby and I have been spending a lot of time with our new(est) friends Hank and Amanda, I figured we should introduce them to you all! Hank works with Roby, and Amanda is his fiance (they got engaged on April Fools Day, and, yes, she really did think he was joking! :) We enjoy our time together immensely, and Owen adores them as they adore him. They also have somehow miraculously convinced us to participate in a 3-day benefit walk for a breast cancer cure next November in San Diego, which entails walking a total of 60 miles! yikes! We figured the perks are: supporting an amazingly worthy cause, further developing our friendship with Hank and Amanda, introducing Owen to the great outdoors (we will be walking/hiking a lot for training) and, hopefully, getting in shape! I know what you are thinking...Heather? Roby? 60 miles? really? Yeah. We feel that way too. Let's just hope we can pull it off!


At 1:44 PM , Blogger House of Chang said...

You are ambitious to do a 60 mile walk! I'm impressed! Once you master that, you can join me for my post-pregnancy goal of walking the 1/2 marathon in Phoenix in January...Keep us posted on your exercise adventure! I think your little guy is going to love the training. :) What a cutie!

At 8:25 PM , Blogger Julie & Kevin said...

Kevin proposed to me on April Fools Day as well. He did not realize it was April Fools Day. He did not realize it is like a MAJOR Holiday in our family. It wasn;t for another week that my brother believed I was engaged. Kevin showed up on the wedding day, so it was not a joke. That was 6 years ago.


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