Friday, September 01, 2006

Jason's Visit

After taking his Bar exam, my brother Jason came down to help Roby lay a patio out back and spend some quality time with his nephew. I was unsure of how fun his vacation would be with working the majority of the time...but after being inside studying all the time, he said he welcomed the chance to get his hands dirty. For a week straight he worked hard during the day and Roby went in to work early so he could come home early to help. They finished all but the edging the day before Jason left. (The past 2 saturdays Roby rented a paver saw and cut the edge pieces to fit.) We have enjoyed taking on these little home improvement projects...especially when we do things we know nothing about. Ah the wonders of how-to books!

Thanks for all of your help Jason...we really appreciate it! The patio looks great and we are eager to get the surrounding landscaping done to finish it off. Soon we will be lounging out there on outdoor furniture!

Also, I have an exciting announcement-Jason and Melinda got engaged during a cruise to the Bahamas the week before he visited us! Congrats you two. We are so happy for both of you and look forward to Melinda being a part of our family!

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At 9:11 PM , Blogger Steve and Shan said...

Please tell Jason and Melinda "congratulations" for us. That is very exciting news! ;)


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