Friday, September 01, 2006

Philly Friends

We get so excited when friends from the East grace us with their present here in the South! Philly friends Julie & Charley and Shibu & Brenda visited us for a weekend. We had fun chillin' out, battling it out with family feud, eating Julie's yummers "cowboy" cookies, watching CNN news broadcasts :), & going downtown. We girls found it especially cute when Charley and Shibu took turns putting Owen down for his naps (they were pros & even used the John Tesh baby music :) Charley needed the practice, as his little girl is going to be born in a few short weeks! As usual, Owen enjoyed everyone and soaked up all their attention. Can't wait to see you guys in October for Ab's engagement party. Who knows, maybe we will be around for Jaelyn's debut!

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