Friday, March 02, 2007

A Chattanooga Christmas

We were spoiled this year with guests for the holidays, including my Mom's visit for Christmas! She came with suitcases overflowing with gifts for her only grandson, of course. It was wonderful spending time with her and watching her bond with Owie.

O & mama in our matching sock monkey pajamas on Christmas morning
O, highly frustrated with wrapping paper, anxiously whined for us to unwrap his gifts for him, including his Nemo that is almost as big as he is!
A very Elmo Christmas for Owie
Here he is all Elmoed out sitting in his Elmo chair, wearing his Elmo outfit and Elmo slippers, reading an Elmo book with his baby Elmo doll, while most likely watching one of his Elmo dvds!
How cool is this Radio Flyer Wagon Uncle Jason and Aunt Melinda sent me?!
Roby was absolutely giddy over his present from Mom, an Eagles grill cover!
Gotta represent in Titans territory!

Modeling Nana's scarf
O loves when Nana reads to him.
I truly believe I became a lit. major and writer because of the endless books my Mom read to me throughout my childhood...and we hope to pass this love for the written word on to Owen.
It was fairly disturbing to witness the amount of gingerbread men
made headless at the hands of Owen this Christmas
Ahhh, the magic of the holidays
Owen preferred feeding his Dada during Christmas dinner instead of himself

Bye Bye Nana, I miss you!

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At 10:38 PM , Blogger Steve and Shan said...

I love all the new pics! My favorite of Owie was the Elmo-ed out shot. ;) Very cute. I'm so glad your fam and friends have been able to visit you guys so much. I know it's hard living so far from everyone. ;( We can't wait to visit you guys again. We MISS you a lot and hope to see you very soon.


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