Monday, May 08, 2006

Owen's new buddy!

Several months ago, I began attending a new mothers' connection group at the hospital where Owen was born. There I met Stephanie and her little boy Isaac, who is just a few weeks younger than Owie. We have been hanging out every Wednesday, switching between our houses. It has been great getting to know Stephanie, as we have found we hold similar interests...and we both agree it is nice to have adult conversations again! It also has been wonderful for the boys to be around each other, since they were only familiar with their pets and not other babies. It is so cute to watch them interact, especially when they touch each other's faces...although it is hard to explain to Owen to be gentle and not poke Isaac in the eye :) Here are a few pics of the boys chillin' together. I'm so excited for Owen to have his first friend!


At 6:11 PM , Blogger Aron & Suz said...

Playdates! So fun; can't wait for those myself. I like the one where they are facing eachother like a mirror.

At 7:45 AM , Blogger Virginia Living said...

They are SO cute! I'm so glad you found another mom to hang out with. It's SO important...especially the adult conversation thing. :)


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