Monday, July 21, 2008

Philly family visit!

Roby's parents, Pappa and Mummy, recently visited us for 2 months to help me with Owen while Roby went on several business trips. They are SO helpful, everything from cooking (I pretty much ate chicken curry with Naan, Biryani, and iced chais for 2 months straight! Which is good for Olive, since she'll hopefully have a taste for Indian food like Owen does!), cleaning, watching Owen, re-arranging the garage, painting the nursery and Owen's new room, shopping, crocheting Olive two blankets, landscaping, etc. Wow! What would I have done without them? While they were here, we celebrated my birthday, Pappa's birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day and their 40th anniversary! Alot of celebrations going on!

For part of their stay, Roby's brother Rony, sister-in-law Rani, and our nieces Isabel and Anngelina drove down from Philly for a week and a family friend Jose Uncle, his wife and daughter, Alicia, flew out. We had quite a full house there for awhile, but had a fantastic time hanging out and doing some touristy things. Chattanooga isn't called the Scenic City for nothing!

Summer fun with Ammachy

Aboard the Southern Belle river boat on the Tennessee River

Rani is due a few weeks after I am! Everyone predicts they are finally having a boy, but we won't know until August!

The captain blew the horn just as I tried to snap a pic of the proud grandparents!

We took the kids to Coolidge Park, and they absolutely loved playing in the fountains, although Anngelina and Owen were a bit more apprehensive and needed their Daddies by their sides. Rony and Roby didn't have trunks with them, but it didn't stop them from having a good time!

Happy birthday Pappa!

Wow, 32 already? Crazy!

Roby and I have been married 5 years and together 8! Since we had visitors in town, we haven't yet properly celebrated, but hopefully we will get a chance to soon! (yeah right, i really envision that happening with a baby due any minute! ;)

Isabel is a budding Rachel Ray and enjoys learning about cooking. Here she is putting the mint leaves she picked from my backyard in the iced team maker. For our cookout, she also helped me prepare the potato salad and mac and cheese! I love that she has such an interest in the culinary arts!

Jose Uncle with his family

Our friends Sherine and John were recently married and decided to go on a year-long honeymoon, driving cross-country visiting various friends, relatives and sites, ending up on the left coast to live in CA for a year. What an awesome idea! They happened to be visiting relatives in Atlanta and drove up to have breakfast with us so we could visit for awhile. Good luck on your adventure guys!

Owen rocked at helping paint Olive's nursery (we primed this wall with magnetic primer) a grass green and his room a chill blue. Thankfully we are getting new carpet in tomorrow so we didn't have to worry about him spilling.

Owen loves his Appachan and Ammachy!
He was sad to see them go, asking if he could go to Philadelphia with them. While dropping them off at the airport, Ammachy gave him some money for ice cream (all grandmothers are the same aren't they? :) and he said the bill was a plane ticket so he could go too. Awwww.

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At 1:29 PM , Blogger Steve said...

I'm so glad Roby's parents were able to visit you guys--I know you appreciated sleeping in. ;) I can't believe how big Isabel is and Anngelina is a doll! I can't wait to hear what their next sibling will be. I love Coolidge park--I remember you guys took us there when we visited. I think you should frame the family photo on the boat--super cute!

At 3:25 PM , Blogger Jess and fam said...

I am very impressed at Roby's full fountain immersion, despite jeans and all! Now that's a dad! :o)


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