Monday, July 21, 2008

Bingo Christmas party

A year ago, after being inspired by Dannielle's fabulous neighborhood Bingo parties that I visited in Southern Cali., I invited my friends to start a monthly Bingo group with me. Now, this isn't your Grandmother's Bingo! It's basically an excuse for us to get together once a month (rotating between all of our houses), eat delish food, have some fun drinks, play Bingo and win prizes along the way, all the while catching up with girly talk-while the hubbies watch the kiddos! This past January marked a year of gatherings for us, and we celebrated our first Bingo Christmas party at Jenn's house...with husbands and kids of course! We missed you Alyson!

It's so difficult getting the whole gang in a picture using a camera timer.
The first time, I fell on Aimee trying to get back in time! :)


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