Monday, July 21, 2008

April Tampa trip

Four years ago, when we flew to Atlanta to visit Bindu and Mason over the fourth of July, along with several other cousins and friends, we didn't realize it would become a tradition. The following year, everyone came to Chatt-town for the festivities, followed by Houston, then last year we all had to skip it with too much going on. This year we met in St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL. Although, due to Soby and myself being pregnant, everyone agreed to celebrate the fourth during April ;) no fireworks, but still a chill time!

We decided to make it into a roadtrip (about 9 hours) since Owen loves traveling (he would chant, "Road Pip! Road Pip! Road Pip"). We rented a house near Treasure Island beach, with plenty of room and a BBQ of course! It was sooooooooo wonderful to see everyone again and witness how much Luke had grown since their visit in November. As always, there was plenty of good food, beach time (which Owen *loved*...he still asks if we can go to the beach!), Phase 1, Madden, and chillin'. We missed those of you who couldn't make it this year, and are planning on doing either a cruise or all-inclusive Island destination next year for our trip. Unbelievably, by then Luke will be 2 years old, Owen 3 1/2, Jacob (hopefully Steve and Shan can make it!) will be 1 and Pailyn and Olive nearly 1. Wow! So everyone start saving up now for next year! We are already dreaming about it!

Day dreamin'

The gang sporting the Tampa shirts Roby designed for us!

In Ybor City (Roby spelled backwards...strange!)
And we found a rare olive there fitting!

Soby and I are due one week apart, which is interesting since her husband, Abbey, and Roby were born 6 days apart!

Notice the rifle above our heads. We tend to frequent steakhouses on our trips, and there is always something interesting in our pics...last time it was a deer head!

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At 11:54 PM , Blogger Joyce and Tobi said...

Can't wait for next year!!! It was such a great time.


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