Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding pictures

They make such a beautiful couple!

Black Rob & Pappu
(hey, I didn't give them their nicknames :)
*The cousins*
I love when Owie wears his little Indian cute!
*My handsome guys*
I'm always happy to see my sister-in-law, Renu
Owen & his cousin Alex are partners in crime...and look how dapper they are!
Our cousin Bindu just moved from Atlanta to Long Island.
We already miss them sooooo much.
Cousin Binoy and his girly Ryn...our roomies for the weekend.
We always have so much fun with these crazy kids!
(And Ryn impressed me with her ability to rock a sari during her first Indian affair. I still stick to the easier to manage tops and skirts...some day!)

Julie and Charley recently had baby Jaelyn, thee cutest little girl! A few weeks ago they visited cousins in Atlanta ,and we drove down to spend the day with them. Roby and Charley discussed dowries, since we are arranging Owen and Jaelyn's betrothal in 20 years...we settled on 20 cows (or cats!) By the looks of it, the cutie pair are already into each other.
Apparently Jaelyn likes older guys!

Brenda is expecting her first baby, Corinne, in several exciting!

That's Brenda's hubby, Shibu, on the right. They also were in ATL recently, and we were able to visit them as well! (What's with the face, Dooney?)

Gotta love Diamond Div!

(This is a perfect example of a classic "Roby trying to ruin the shot" pic. He sticks his face with his big mouth open in the background. Many of you know of his sneaky tactic :) Dooney is thee man. A talented dancer, he choregraphed the amazing dance that many of the girls took part in during the reception. I really wanted to take part, but lived too far away to learn it. And let me just say that if anyone has seen that Indian guy dance Bollywood-style on America's Got Talent, just know that he is awful and has got nothing on Dooney!

I wish I had a video to post...Indian dances are so lovely with all the girls gracefully twirling around the dance floor in those beautiful, vibrant outfits...makes me wish we had that at our wedding, but I didn't know about them then!

Sisters Milly and Lisa have been in Roby's life forever too! I guess you could say Lis is his girl best friend, if we were still 8th graders. In 30-year-old speak I guess they are "close" :)
I finally met Lisa's boyfriend Shoney at the wedding...he has smiley eyes!

Milly, her husband Jay, Shoney & Lisa

Let's play find the vellambi ("white girl" in Malayalam)

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At 1:45 PM , Blogger Buck and Jess! said...

By the way--love the straight hair look, very pretty on you!

At 4:12 PM , Blogger Patrice said...

Heth -- you look like a beautiful grown-up lady with your hair straightened (and parted on the side, I believe?). You're a stunner!


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