Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anitha & Jaya

I finally met Roby's friend Anitha, who I've been e-mailing for awhile now, and her daughter Jaya (who is only 2 days younger than O!) We got together at Julie's house for a playdate, and Jaya and O had fun being mischievous together. At one point Jaya tackled Owen, and from the looks of the picture, he didn't mind at all. They also kissed on the lips...looks like Jaelyn might have some competition :)

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At 12:40 PM , Anonymous Maggie's grandparents said...

Hi Isaacs! Greetings from sunny Florida. Seeing these wedding pics reminded me of your wedding and all the fun we had helping with it. Remember when the sprinklers came on during the outdoor reception? We enjoyed listening to Owen talk on the video clip. I love it when they start talking. When are you guys coming back to Orlando for a visit???


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