Friday, February 03, 2006

More visitors!

We welcomed Philly friends Milly, Lisa and Dooney last weekend. We were excited to see them all again, as it has been a long time since we've ventured back home...but we think they were more excited to see little O-man, he he he. They took turns holding him all weekend, and did he ever love the attention! Of course he initiated the girls by spitting up on them, sorry guys, but he also gave them a bunch of smiles and even rolled over from his back to his belly for the first time for them! We went downtown to the Mellow Mushroom for pizza, with owen sleeping through the din the whole night (i swear he likes noisy atmospheres), spent time outside in the unseasonably warm weather, cooked a yummy breakfast and thai dinner, and spent one afternoon in a heated game of girls against boys trivial pursuit! (the boys won, but only because owen was on their side!) Their trip was much too short and we were sad to see them go :( Thanks guys for a fun-filled weekend and coming to meet owen!


At 1:54 PM , Blogger Buck and Jess! said...

I'm so jealous! It seems you never have time to get lonely as of late :o) So many visitors! Wonderful! We're down on our visitor count since Christmas is over. You come visit us and then we'll come visit you! Deal! :o)


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