Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent Owie antics

Lately Owen has taken to carrying his roaring two-foot-tall T. Rex around, calling it his "dinosaur baby." I've found dinosaur baby safely tucked inside Olive's carseat, swaddled with soft blankets, as well as in the swing covered by "lambie." So cute!

Owen has also been in "rescue" mode these days. He is always looking to rescue Olive, or his toys or the world in general! But, to do so, he must be clothed in his "rescue socks" and his "rescue shirt," etc....which are whatever clothes at the time he deems appropriate super hero attire. For awhile, he needed to sleep with his soccer shin guards on or wear them under his pants all day. Today he is wearing his pirate pants from Halloween,& his long-sleeve pj top with his tight swimming shirt layered over top. None of it matches color-wise of course! Pretty hilarious! Oh, he also has been carrying around (and sleeping with) the silver toilet paper roll holder, calling it his "spotting scope," which apparently is something Diego uses to rescue animals. ;)

Lastly, the other night Owen lovingly pinched Olive's chubba chubba cheeks and asked in a sing-songy voice, "are you my sweetieheart?"

We LOVE Owie's little personality and how he continues to be such a good brother (and super hero!)


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