Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Philly friends visit!

We hadn't seen Abbey, Soby, Brenda and Shibu since Summer '07, so we were thrilled when they planned a trip down South. At the time, we had no idea we'd end up hanging with them in Philly a week before their TN visit. It was definitely nice knowing when we left Philadelphia that we would see them again very soon!

The day after they arrived, the guys planned a little surprise for the Mamas. In the morning, they cooked us breakfast (including some killer spicy potatoes....yummo!) and informed us there were cards underneath our placemats. We opened the envelopes and found a letter on each of our cards...put together, they spelled SPA. YAY! We were totally spoiled with hour-and-a-half hot stone massages and facials. Heavenly. Afterward, we went out for cocktails while the guys continued to watch the kiddos. We were impressed with the thoughtful afternoon our hubbies planned for us and thoroughly enjoyed the "me" time! Thanks guys, you rock!

With Soby & Brenda after our spa day!

Much of our time consisted of hanging out at the house, chilling with the kiddies, catching up on life, and cooking great food. One day we drove downtown, ate a yummy lunch at modern diner Blue Plate, and then walked to the aquarium. After we had our fill of underwater eye candy, Shibu taught me how to take pics in rapid succession with my camera. We caught Owen throwing leaves into the air and Corinne sitting on the ground playing with leaves. When you scroll through them quickly, you have a miniature flipbook! I also took my first picture where the object (Roby chasing Shibu) is in focus, and everything else is out of focus. He definitely taught me a lot about my camera and inspired me to try new effects. Darkness started settling in as we headed over to the Bluffview Art District for some caffeinated pick-me-ups and macaroons at Rembrandt's cafe.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Daniel and Philip families, and it was soooo wonderful getting the kids together. Roby and I were saddened upon their departure and wondered if we will ever live in the same vicinity as our Philly friends. Who knows what the future may hold!

Soby & baby Pailyn

Brenda & sweet Corinne

The Philip family

Owen trying his hardest to plant a kiss on Ab's lips! :)


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