Monday, October 13, 2008

party, party, par-tee

For Owen's third birthday party, we invited his closest little pals and their families, along with his "blueberry," Miss Vicki, who Owen is very fond of. The kids chilled inside a bit then moved out into the cool weather to play with the sand table and chase Mr. Chris around the yard. Roby grilled, while the adults hung out on the back porch chatting and passing around Adrian and Olive. Then it was time for cake! This year, I didn't go with a theme, but had Owie pick out his plates (wall-e of course!) and opted for yet another Martha Stewart inspiration-a cake made out of Rice Krispie treats and decorated with Trix! Vicki lent a hand (literally) mixing the mass of gooey marshmallow and cereal. It turned out to be a cute, whimsical, little cake for the O-man, who, flanked by Caleb and Isaac, enjoyed his Happy Birthday song and didn't even mind Isaac helping blow out his candles! Afterwards, Owen gave his buddies their treat bags, which he had painstakingly colored in the morning. They finished off the perfect evening on the front porch with some bubble blowing fun before heading home with bright green balloons.

We all liked the atmosphere of his small get-together with a few children his age, as opposed to a huge party (although I'm sure we'll still have some of them once in awhile!) The adults had a great time and were surprised at how calm everything was with 3 toddlers and 2 bebes! Owen had a blast with his pals and is so excited that he is 3 now!


At 4:38 PM , Blogger Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Owie! We wish we could have joined in the festivities! Sounds like you had a great party--the cake was so creative, Heth, ;)


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