Sunday, November 19, 2006

Owen is One!

Yes, I know, it seems impossible...our little guy has turned one already! His birthday fell on the day after we returned from our trip home to Philly. We celebrated by taking him to Lupi's, a local pizza joint, although he, of course, didn't grasp that it was his special day. Even a gigantic party for him seemed to be just one big play date, the more the merrier for him!

His party turned out swimmingly! Thankfully, everyone was able to come, even Bindu Auntie drove up from Atlanta! It was cool to see all the people who have been a part of Owen's life from the very beginning together in the same place. We certainly have met some great friends here in the South!

Alyson, the cake decorator extraordinaire that she is, decorated the cake I baked...rivaling Martha Stewart herself with her sugary masterpiece! I had my heart set on a monkey theme for our little monkey, complete with smiling cake, silly monkey cupcakes, banana splits and monkey masks for the kids to make. Owen enjoyed running around with the other children (Will was the youngest at 3 months old, and Chase was the oldest at 5 years old) and even let Rachel and Audrey help him unwrap his presents.

When it came time for his cake, I was unsure of how he would react. He hadn't liked the icing on his store bought cakes in Philly, so I didn't bother making him his own smash cake. As we sang to him, he reached out and touched the icing, getting some on his face. His eyes lit up, so we stripped him down to his onesie and put him in his high chair. Alyson served him a monkey ear, which he enthusiastically smooshed and ate little by little as he smeared chocolate icing everywhere. I was thrilled Owie liked the cake I baked him! Afterwards, Roby had to run him upstairs for a quick post-cake bath :)

Owen had a wonderful first birthday with all his favorite GA and TN peeps around to celebrate with him and spoil him with presents!

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At 3:09 PM , Blogger Steve and Shan said...

Great pics! It looked like a super fun party...wish we could have celebrated this milestone with Owie. The cake is awesome--she has quite the talent. Love you guys!


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