Friday, October 27, 2006

Quality time with Nana

A day after we returned from Houston, my Mom came to visit! She helped me accomplish so much while here, including major house cleaning and stocking our freezer with yummy food! Of course, Mom spoiled her grandson with new clothes and books. O loved the attention and enjoyed quality time with his Nana. He even learned how to clap his hands together to "patty-cake" for Mom...It seems like every time she comes he learns something new from her! Thanks for all of your help, Mom, and for visiting! We look forward to your next trip in December!

Owen's first ice cream!

O kissing his Nana

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At 10:36 PM , Blogger Steve and Shan said...

Great pics of your mom and Owie! I especially love the second to last one. So, how did he like the ice-cream? Auntie Shannon is so proud that he had his first taste of pure goodness. ;)


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