Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Owen's Ninth Month

I thought it was time for an Owen update since he is growing up so quickly and learning something new every day. He is now 9 1/2 months old, weighing in at 18.9 pounds and measuring 28 inches long. Two weeks ago he took his first step while Roby, Hank, Amanda and I cheered him on! He still cruises around the furniture and is able to stand and squat without holding onto anything, but is a bit hesitant. He will be walking in no time!

O is a prolific stair climber (with supervision of course!), loves to pull the toilet paper off the roll, looks out the windows and plays in the curtains, bounces up and down any time music is on, chases his superman ball all over the house, and enjoys playing in a large Pampers box (who knew he could be so easily amused!). He has been babbling a lot and says dada and mama often, although he doesn't realize he is talking about us yet :) One of my favorite quirks of his is how he leans in and rubs his forehead against our foreheads or cheeks while closing his eyes with a big seems to be his way of showing affection! He also likes to suck on my chin, which is, uh, interesting, but still cute. He rolls his tongue like crazy and crosses the fingers on his right hand, perhaps for good luck? And we are excited that Owen won a monthly contest and will be spotlighted as The Cutest Kid in the Universe in the December issue of Parents magazine! We can't wait to see our little star's face in print! We will remind everyone to check out the issue when it is closer to the date.

We are taking a roadtrip with our cousin Bindu tomorrow to Tampa for a friend's wedding and will visit Judy (I worked with her in CA at The JESUS Film Project) in Orlando before heading back home. It will be a whirlwind trip, and an adventure for sure...I just hope Owen can handle the 7-hour drive!

I still need to post pictures from our Houston trip, our friends' visit last weekend, our landscaping progress and our Tampa visit! Stay tuned!

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At 3:59 AM , Anonymous annie said...

The first time I heard about Owen's magazine appearance, I thought someone was employing hyperbole to express how cute O is. I'm so excited that it's TRUE. How fun! Although Parents magazine isn't high on my "relevant reading" list, I'll be sure to get a copy! :)

I'm hoping to see Judy in October when I'm in Fl. for meetings.

p.s. I just got the FIS contact info list from Connie, and Roby was the only "spouse" who was listed as "one of us." :) And Steve and Shanno didn't make it at all!

At 4:36 PM , Blogger Steve and Shan said...

I wonder how he learned to roll his tongue? ;) Owie wins the award for "most adventurous!"

At 2:49 PM , Blogger Buck and Jess! said...

Do we get to see ahead of time which photo won the competition, or are you going to make us wait? Dec is actually the last month of my subscription (I double checked to make sure I wouldn't miss it :o)


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