Sunday, August 28, 2005

Strange days

Poor Roby.

Someone said his life is quickly resembling a Steve Martin movie. First there was the treacherous poison ivy he got while landscaping. Then 2 weeks ago he got stung by an ENTIRE nest of yellow jackets-which I might add was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. Several days later he found a screw in his burrito at a local restaurant...a screw. At least it wasn't a finger, but it's still pretty disgusting. And then just when things seem better and he is recovering from his stings, he becomes covered with some crazy allergic reaction hive type things that the doctor can't really explain. Three shots later he is passed out in bed with hives on his eyelids. I mean really, what's going on here?

Poor Roby.

(since G.I. Joe always taught us that "knowing is half the battle":
yellow jackets are wasps that primarily burrow in the ground. they are nasty little critters that are naturally mad at the world and have the ability to sting you over and over and over, unlike honey bees. oh and they get REALLY incensed when you mow over their little underground lairs. if you get stung by them and feel like you can't breathe...go to the ER!!! they say a paste of baking soda or crushed up aspirin, or mud, as well as ice cubes will help soothe stings...Roby disagrees.)


At 1:55 AM , Anonymous Sherri said...

I feel sorry for Rob, but it does sound like slap stick comedy.

At 6:21 PM , Anonymous annie said...

Poor Roby! I can sympathize. I stepped on a yellow-jacket nest when I was 7. It was awful. :( Thank goodness he isn't allergic! And, I agree with him about the aspirin paste. My mom tried it on me, and it didn't do anything except make me even more itchy. The ice-cubes work a little... I'll post on my blog soon, but I'm afraid of what I might write in my current state of jet-lag!


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